Van Dyke Jones Bio

Achieved by a combination of layer upon layer of prismacolor pencil and acrylic paint on canvas, Van Dyke Jones’ paintings have a power, simplicity and richness of color with a technically classical look. In direct contrast is the contemporary caricature form used for Rex and is environment and the symbolism which comments on the plight of modern man and society. Illuminated with humor and tinged with angst, through Rex’s comfortable form, chronicles and examines the nature of modern man.Van Dyke Jones on Rex: “Rex, in my opinion, symbolically is the embodiment of everyman.
An individual whose outlook on life is so reality based it’s a tad off-center. Encountering situations with a quite, passive but apprehensive acceptance, Res moves through life as an observer who constantly questions the world he lives in.”Beyond Rex…The personality of pears. They speak of solitude and togetherness with their sensuality created form shape, shadows and light.Individual in their self-expression distinguished by color, mood and composition.

Adventures in mixed media-a detour from the exploits of Rex who was my observer to the comedy of life.

And now….
My infatuation with pears is a direst result of my observation and attention to the romantic, lunch-ness of life.